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    The ULI North Florida District Council was formed in 2005 and has nearly 375 members. ULI North Florida is one of the newest and fastest growing District Councils in the country offering its members numerous programs and events focused on industry-related topics including infrastructure, sustainability, emerging trends, and … Read More

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    ULI North Florida hosts events and programs throughout the year for our members and the real estate community. Visit our Upcoming Events page for additional information.

ULI North Florida Bulletin

Florida’s Economy Has Rebounded from Its…


With a reputation for wild swings and frightening free falls, the Florida economy is now in a period of rapid ascent, and it seems that many Floridians cannot even imagine the next down cycle. Tourism is booming again, and a steady influx of retirees and international condo buyers has ushered the Sunshine State into an era of impressive growth. Read More

Real Estate Entrepreneur Program

The first Real Estate Entrepreneur Program of 2015 will focus on strategic planning and implementation. These programs put entrepreneurs in the same room with ULI senior leaders, providing a unique opportunity to engage industry experts in an exchange of ideas. Read More

Call for Entries: Apply for One of ULI’s…

The official 2015 ULI awards season is upon us! All four programs, Global Awards for Excellence, Urban Open Space Award, The Jack Kemp Excellence in Affordable and Workforce Housing Awards, and The Robert C. Larson Housing Policy Leadership Awards, are now accepting submissions. These awards are open to all, not just ULI members. Apply now or forward this message to a colleague who has designed or developed an exceptional project or program that you think is deserving of recognition. Submissions for these programs are due March 16, 2015.
Read More

Ed McMahon’s TED Talk- Where Am I?


Watch ULI’s Senior Resident Fellow Ed McMahon give a TED Talk entitled “Where Am I? The Power of Uniqueness.” Read More