Steve Lefton, Kimley-Horn and Steve Lovett, ELM Drawing for Southbank TAP

Ginny Myrick hosting Cathedral District Tour for St. John's Cathedral TAP


ULI Technical Assistance Panels bring the finest expertise in the real estate, planning and development fields together to collaborate on complex land use and redevelopment projects.


Charged with moving specific projects forward, Technical Assistance Panels (TAPS) bring together a group of ULI real estate professionals to provide expert, multidisciplinary advice to local governments, private companies, public agencies and nonprofits facing complex land use and real estate issues. Drawing from our seasoned professional membership base, we leverage the collective expertise of our members to provide a unique, market-based perspective on a broad range of issues including:

  • Analyzing the re-use potential of existing properties
  • Strategies for revitalizing corridors or specific properties
  • Identifying key economic and land use issues relating to public/private land use – situations
  • Evaluating specific development and land proposals or issues
  • Market feasibility analysis, financial structuring, and more

During the two-day program, ULI North Florida assembles a panel comprised of 6-10 senior-level members representing the specific land use disciplines needed for each assignment. Panel members may include developers and owners, investors, designers, engineers, and executives from the greater North Florida region. Panelists tour the study area, interview stakeholders, and work collaboratively to produce preliminary findings and recommendations which are presented at the conclusion of the TAP in either a private or public forum. A complete report follows within about a month with detailed recommendations.

For more information on TAPS in North Florida, please contact one of our Co-chairs: Patrick KrechowskiJoe Loretta, or Peter King.


Leveraging Transit for Economic Development, JTA
ULI Report, click here.

UF Health Jacksonville
ULI TAP Report, click here.

Renew Arlington
ULI TAP Report, click here.

City of Neptune Beach
ULI TAP Report, click here.

Transit Oriented Development – Jacksonville Transportation Authority
ULI TAP Report, click here.

Western Nassau – Nassau County
ULI TAP Report, click here.

Jacksonville Southbank – Downtown Investment Authority
ULI TAP Report, click here.

St. Johns Cathedral – Cathedral District, Downtown Jacksonville
ULI TAP Report, click here.

City of Tallahassee – South City
For coverage and video about the TAP, click here.
ULI TAP Report, click here.

Habitat for Humanity of Jacksonville, Inc.
For a copy of the Habitat TAP report, please click here.

Wells Fargo – San Sebastian, St. Augustine
Note: this report is not a public document

Jacksonville International Airport
For a copy of the JAA TAP report, please click here.


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